About Us

Indulgence is guilt free thanks to the perfect combination of plant-based nutrition and an innovative, earth-loving approach that is Eco-Licious!


Growing up in Sri-Lanka before travelling the world, Michelle has grown Eco-Licious with a consciousness of how important it is to be able to love the food you eat on a truly holistic health journey.

She nurtures her business from California in the United States to make Eco-Licious your new best friend in all things chocolate! A passionate nutritionist, Michelle founded the business with a drive to turn naughty into nice utilising naturally sourced ingredients and the goodness of raw food. She has a vision to deliver so much more than an alternative to your favourite chocolate treats!

Believing in the role of what you eat in a flourishing well-being, Eco-Licious lets you live your best life through the helping hand of lush, tasty products that will love you back!


Why Raw, Natural and Vegan?

At Eco-Licious we believe in the beauty of using food the way nature intended! This is how we get the best out of everything we use to provide you with chocolate packed with goodness and vibrant flavour! Every bar of chocolate is inspired by this, so it’s completely natural, vegan and where ever possible 100% raw! We make sure that the vital nutrients in the ingredients we use don’t get lost along the way of our production process, and completely avoid preservatives and refined sugar too! This means that you can have peace of mind when you indulge in Eco-Licious, because you really are treating yourself! 

Minimal Ingredients, Maximal Taste!

Eco-Licious is confident that natural is nicest in bringing you decadent products made from honest ingredients. This is why you can trust that what we put into our products is completely unrefined and wholesome, and it’s also why we’re proud to tell you about it! Pure, familiar contents are what will greet you when you take a look through our ingredients list (and you definitely won’t find any chemical codes or hidden nasties)!


Go With Your Gut!

Eco-Licious was created after Michelle witnessed how life changing making a switch to natural food was for her son, who is on the autism spectrum.

Thinking about what she could do to help him through the perspective of a nutritionist, she shifted into plant-based options, and saw the day-to-day improvements in his behavior! She was inspired to share her food with others, and found just how many of her clients (and their families) found the impact of her quality, natural ingredients meaningful to their well-being through their own experience!

Michelle’s drive to make Eco-Licious a platform for the power of the connection between gut health and your brain means that at our heart and soul is the passion of helping you to enjoy nutrition! We know that this has to involve what you love to eat loving you right back!