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Delicious Chocolate

Chocolate Bars

Lucious Chocolate


Savory Chocolate

Vegan & Raw Chocolate Crunch Bar

Creamy, crispy and captivating, indulging in your chocolate cravings has never been more nourishing!

A luscious superfood Chocolate Bar

A rich, crisp vegan Chocolate Crunch Bar full of flavor. It is Wheat free • Dairy free • Gluten free • Soy free • Egg free • no refined sugar • no trans-fats. Contains nuts.

Delicious Caramel Craze

Chocolate, caramel, nuts, nougat and
healthy, wholesome ingredients is the match made in heaven that is Caramel Craze!




“I love Michelle's food,
she is not only a great raw-vegan chef but also, she is a great woman! Shemakes the best raw vegan chocolate I have ever tried!”


“Michelle´s food is truly
inspiring! She changed my eating habits to the better! Thank you Michelle!”


“Delicious, tasty and
healthy. Just love everything Michelle creates. She inspires with her
perfection and art for food and sweets. It's all in the details.”


“Michelle and her husband
are a force for good.  Their creative
positive energy will inspire and delight you. Eco Licious is simply
transformational. I have attended (their) workshops in Europe and have seen dramatic results in my wellbeing and lifestyle whilst thoroughly enjoying the taste of clean delicious healthy foods. Totally amazing!”


“It's hard to believe that
something so beautiful can be so healthy and so tasty as well.  Michelle Julian is a master chef of raw gourmet food.”


“Wonderful food!! Michelle
is so creative it makes choosing a dessert mind blowing...The best raw food I have ever had, so much choice and all so healthy. I love, love Eco-Licious!”


“The love of healthy and
nutritious food filled with the passion and creativity is demonstrated with
every recipe Michelle works on, she is an absolute perfectionist. This is when having a personal chef would be on my wish list!!”


“Wow and amazing are two words that spring to mind when I think of Eco-Licious!! I've had the pleasure of first tasting Michelle's raw food creations in's led me to change my eating patterns and fall in love with wholesome and delicious food…enjoy and indulge!!”


“I am so addicted to
Eco-Licious now. But above the amazing food is the energy and integrity of the source. That means more to me than anything these days - even some corp kitchens can make "organic (food)", but the energy, environment and intention in the creation is the magic ingredient.”