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Eco-Licious is a vegan chocolate business bringing you so much more than an alternative to your favourite treats! Packed with superfoods, your body will thank you for every bite you take of Michelle’s (founder) mouth-watering products!

Delicious Eco-Licious Chocolate Treats


“I love Michelle's food, she is not only a great raw-vegan chef but also, she is a great woman! She makes the best raw vegan chocolate I have ever tried!”


“Michelle´s food is truly inspiring! She changed my eating habits to the better! Thank you Michelle!”


“Delicious, tasty and healthy. Just love everything Michelle creates. She inspires with her perfection and art for food and sweets. It's all in the details.”


“It's hard to believe that something so beautiful can be so healthy and so tasty as well. Michelle is a master chef of raw gourmet food.”


Michelle- Eco-Licious Founder (right) and her son Ayden (left).

Our Story

Eco-Licious was created after Michelle witnessed how life changing making a switch to natural food was for her son, who is on the autism spectrum. 

Michelle’s drive to make Eco-Licious a platform for the power of the connection between gut health and your brain means that at our heart and soul is the passion of helping you to enjoy nutrition! We know that this has to involve what you love to eat loving you right back!

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Guilt Free Indulgence.

Our commitment to providing healthy, organic, vegan and earth-loving products means you won’t find any preservatives, unnecessarily refined or altered ingredients, or non-plant based foods in our chocolate! It also means you can enjoy a treat that’s egg, trans-fat, dairy, gluten, soy and guilt free!

A delicious Eco-Licious Treat!